Saturday, July 19, 2014

Upstairs' Bathroom: Numero Uno.

Not a whole lot to report about this bathroom because I don't have any "before" photos of this space. It wasn't originally a bathroom, so pretty much everything you see is "new to me", though obviously, nothing is actually new because that's not how we roll at the Catskills' Farmhouse. The tub and armoire are both Craig's List wins, the sink was purchased out of someone's front yard for $50.00 (delivery included!) and the tole-style mini chandelier is a $10.00 auction victory that I spray-painted white and John re-wired for me. Even the shower curtain rod is a handy-me-down... It came with our other clawfoot bath-tub (also found on Craig's List and picked up from someone's front yard), and we realized that it worked perfectly in this bathroom and we even had all the odds-and-ends parts to hang it up! 

Oh wait! There is one thing that is completely new in that bathroom! The toilet!! Even we like to throw down a little cash on a brand-new, not-previously-peed-in-toilet. 

Everyone has their limits. You've just encountered mine.  

At some point, I'm thinking maybe I owe you guys a floor plan so you can see exactly how we conjured this bathroom out of thin-air and re-configured much of our second floor in the process; but I wouldn't hold your breath on that front because-- as I've mentioned-- I'm pretty freaking swamped right now!!

Maybe I'll finally have some free time when I'm on vacation?!?

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