Sunday, July 20, 2014

Upstairs' Bathroom: Numero Dos

Our second renovated bathroom is actually the "Ensuite Master Bathroom". Yes, I said "Ensuite". And I called it the "Master Bathroom."

We are getting pretty high on our horses up at the Catskills' Farmhouse. 


This bathroom renovation consisted of one-million little projects, and a couple of enormous projects. We started by installing wall-to-wall horizontal bead board paneling, and then shellacked and painted the whole thing, top-to-bottom. We bought the bath tub on Craig's List (I know-- I'm like a broken record...) and the sink vanity is actually a sideboard I bought on Craig's List seven years ago, and then recently converted into a sink.

That's a pretty neat story unto itself, actually. I originally purchased the antique sideboard for our little house in Sparrowbush, and while it was perfect in that house, it was really much too small for the scale of our farmhouse. That said, I still loved the piece and wasn't ready to let it go, so I was determined to come up with some innovative way to keep it in the house without it looking like dollhouse furniture.

The solution I came up with--- and it's pretty ingenious if I may say so-- was to cut a hole into the marble slab and under-mount a porcelain sink bowl onto the marble slab. Then I rustled up (hunted down?) two terrific (astoundingly cheap) vintage looking faucets to install to the left-and-right of the sink bowl, and there was my sink installed and my sideboard transformed!!

The next step was to jerry-rig the actual sink cabinet to accommodate the plumbing-- so we recruited our incredibly talented friend Danny to cut out portions of the drawers and the back-half of the lower cabinet to make space for the drain pipes and water connections. Danny whipped this together lickity-split, and TA-DAH! Now our bathroom looks totally awesome. 

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