Friday, November 14, 2014

Pulling the trigger...

I finally took the plunge, and have committed to a wall paper for my homemade trompe-l'oeil room divider. Now I just have to wait on the french postal service to get it to me, and we're in business. Based on my success rate with them so far, I'll hopefully have it sometime before this time next year...

After much vacillation, I decided upon this "bibliothèque" wallpaper, for a couple of compelling reasons:

1.) It was reasonably cheap.
2.) I could customize the size to fit my pieces of plywood.
3.) It is a self-adhesive paper, so I wasn't going to have to fuss around with the mess of adhesive glue, getting the paper to stay in place, dry-time, etc...
4.) Let's be serious. Mostly it was reasonably cheap.

Now we wait. Cross your fingers for me, and hopefully we'll have a craft project on our hands in no time.

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