Saturday, November 15, 2014

FYI. If you're fancier than us...

Big developments in the world of wallpaper...

According to the New York Times

"Until recently, humid spaces like showers and kitchen backsplashes were hostile to wallpaper. But a new waterproofing system from Wall & Deco, an Italian company, allows you to paper almost any part of your home. With the Wet System, patterns are printed on 37-inch-wide fiberglass rolls and supplied along with a primer, adhesive and protective finish. Once installed, the material is resistant to dampness, yellowing, abrasion and harsh cleaning products. Wet System can be applied to most surfaces, including plasterboard, PVC and ceramic tiles. It is available in any of Wall & Deco’s hundreds of customizable designs, including, from left, Hanami and Hanamachi, for $250 a square yard. Information: 305-865-8577 or"

Sadly, the wallpaper budget I'm working with is about 1/100 of this pricing, so this isn't in the cards for my upcoming trompe l'oeil room-divider, but it's good to know for future projects with a slightly higher profile. : )

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