Monday, January 26, 2015

What a weekend!!

Sorry for the lull in posting this weekend, but we had friends up at the house and we were fully occupied with non-stop cooking, loads of snowy walks, and lots of layin' around-- pretty much exactly what you're meant to do over a wintery weekend up in the Catskills.

I confess I haven't tackled a single project and probably won't get started on the installation of my new sconces until next weekend (the price one pays for relaxing!!) BUT I did pick up a cool new ceiling fixture for the guest room too (Free to me! On its way to the trash heap coming out of an apartment on Park Avenue, but I intercepted it!) I'm thinking we'll handle all the electrical projects in one swoop: I'll install the new ceiling fixture while John channels out the walls for wiring the sconces (while cursing the day I found those sconces and wondering why HE got the hard job...) Check back in tomorrow and I'll post a snap-shot of my salvaged ceiling fixture-- in the interim, you can enjoy some pics from this weekend-- and stop by later today when I'll post the details for the recipe I'm trying out tonight-- it sounds like a winner!!

What a weekend! 

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