Thursday, February 5, 2015

A break from the winter "blues"...

I'm either getting cabin fever or I'm losing my grip because I've got the ol' "repaint-and-reupholster" itch and I just can't get it out of my mind. 

It's funny how you can live with something one way for a while--years even-- and suddenly! You're over it and it's just GOT TO GO. That's how I'm feeling about our hallway paint color right now. I'm like literally oppressed by the color. Cheerful, lovely colonial blue. Three years without a problem. We loved it, it loved us. And now suddenly, I can barely stand to look at it. Which seems irrational, I realize. (Don't you judge me!) So I think I'm going to coerce my parents into a field trip to the Natural History Museum with Jules this weekend, and I'm going to re-paint. Oddly, I'm between colors at the moment. Late last night I jumped up and said, "What about baby-sh#t bronze?" which initially made John laugh very hard, but then elicited a fairly firm, "No." I'm sure he could be persuaded if I tried a little harder, but I'm not sure I want to waste my bargaining power on "baby sh#t bronze." I think I'll save that for something more important, wouldn't you say?

Other contenders are... Celadon, a medium taupe, or maybe even... beige. I know. I can't believe I'm suggesting beige either. What happened to the "Don't be afraid of color" queen?? I suspect that I've fall into a cavern of winter-despair, and that I'm desperately craving bright days and a little sunshine. Weirdly, I think that's translating into "Let's make everything as neutral and bright as possible..." I'm yearning for  a little minimalism, a little simplicity, a little summer serenity, and if I can't have that, maybe I can recreate it by making my hallway can be a little more airy. Or at least a little less blue. I'll report back on a final color decision, and then you can catch me in action, actually painting the walls, this weekend.

Transformation in the making, people! 

*I confess, now that I'm looking at these celadon tones, I'm wondering if it's not neutrality I seek, but just a break from the blue...

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