Thursday, February 26, 2015


I'm not totally sure why, but yesterday morning I was standing in the kitchen, brushing my teeth (obviously) when I thought, "I should really paint the interior of my upper kitchen cabinets." Now normally when someone paints the interior of their kitchen cabinets, they do a bright, popping color to contrast their white dishes and plates. But, of course, there's nothing normal about me-- because I'm the proud owner of about 200 pieces of fiestaware-- so adding another bright pop of color to my kitchen cabinet situation was going to be a major color overload. Instead, I opted for a dark charcoal grey (Benjamin Moore's Gravel Gray) for a couple of reasons... 

1.) The dark charcoal gray ties in nicely with our existing grey formica counter tops. Yes. Formica. Welcome to rental living in New York City. It wouldn't be my first choice, but at least it isn't a faux-granite print in pink... 

Beggars can't be choosers, as they say. 

2.) I have grand aspirations to one day swap out our existing formica countertops for IKEA's perfectly lovely walnut butcher-block counter material. When I do that, I'm thinking I might paint all of my lower cabinets (currently a glorious provincial deep periwinkle color) the same slate grey, so in truth, this is all just planning ahead in preparation for that eventual larger kitchen overhaul. (Which may or may not ever come to fruition, depending on if I ever have more time and more money...) So in the meantime, we re-visit Reason #1 for why I've painted the interior of my cabinets slate grey. 

And I've got to tell you-- I'm loving it! 

Not only did this project take $20.00 to do, but this project literally took about 2 hours to complete, including soaking, washing, and drying all of our dishes; which I did because it kind of felt like slacking to take EVERYTHING DOWN and not give it all a good solid cleaning in the process. If you've ever lived in Brooklyn, you know that everything gets coated in a layer of dust, no matter how frequently you clean, and LET ME TELL YOU. 

Those dishes needed a-soakin'! 

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  1. Very nice . . . it makes your cupboards look so deep and does a great job of making your dishes pop and look ready to party:)