Monday, March 2, 2015

Obsessed. Completely obsessed.

One of the perils of working in interior design is that occasionally-- while shopping for someone who has a lot more money than you-- you encounter something that you want for yourself. And not like a "casual-want." I mean like a "can't-stop-thinking-about-tattoo-are-your-arm-want." That's a lot of want.

I've just had one such experience and I'm still reeling. (And trying to plot different creative ways to hastily rustle up $4,000.00) If you know of any high-return ponzi-schemes that could help fund my acquisition of these painting, please let me know.

The painter is Aaron Hauck... He's actually originally from Minnesota, weirdly, and studied at MCAD, which is a well-regarded art school in Minneapolis where a bunch of people I know actually studied. His paintings are photo realistic images of New York City-- cityscapes-- and I find them absolutely breath-taking. Like taking-away-of-my-breath... They channel this very Edward-Hopper-esque rendering of light and architecture that just makes my heart flutter... So now I'm going to live on water and crackers until I've saved up enough money to buy one of these sensational paintings.

If you need me, I'll be hungry. 

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  1. Offer to decorate a room in exchange for one of his paintings, or, let him stay in the catskills house for a week. I bet he'll do it!