Monday, February 16, 2015

Craig's List score!

As promised, I took a quick tour through Craig's List last night, just in case there was anything new happening in the cheap-and-cheerful world of antique maps. What do you know?! Someone was selling this perfectly reasonable map of Italy, in an already-gold-already-old frame.

It isn't exactly what I'd call SENSATIONAL or a MINDBLOWING FIND, but it's completely nice and at a whopping $25.00, frame and all, I couldn't resist. So I toodled on over to Midtown East this afternoon, traded greenbacks for a plastic bag with a map in it, and off I went-- one more map to add to the "collection"!

Pretty pleased with myself-- and I already know just where I'm going to hang it! Now I just have to wait until next weekend to go back upstate.

Repeat back: Patience is a virtue. 

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