Sunday, February 8, 2015

Lots of Sunny Progress in Brooklyn!

Check out my action shot! 
Well, it's officially the 49th day of this unending, grey, and dismal winter-- BUT things just got a little sunnier up in Brooklyn! After many months of complaint, I've finally seized the day and re-painted our bedroom hallway. It's funny too, no one else seemed to be the least bit disturbed by the situation, but one day I looked around our apartment and I was like,

"Whoa. Everything in this house is blue." 

Granted-- many different shades of blue-- but once I noticed, I was almost embarrassed by HOW BLUE EVERYTHING WAS. Kitchen cabinets: Provincial Blue. Bedroom Hallway: Colonial Blue. Living Room Rug: Slate blue. Reupholstered Eames Chair: IKAT blue. Vintage dining chairs: same IKAT blue! Bedroom sheets: blue! Towels? Slate Blue again! My god-- it was almost pathological! Did I have some deep-seated trauma involving the color blue that I was unaware of? Or was I just that partial to blue? I mean seriously. 

 Anyway-- between that and my insatiable desire to constantly repaint my apartment-- it seemed only logical that I would use the two-and-a-half baby free hours I was going to have this Sunday morning* to repaint my hallway. I was just totally over that colonial blue. Out, damned spot! Out, I say! 

So I trotted over to my local Benjamin Moore store and picked up the sunniest-most-un-blue color I could find-- Golden Delicious (Benjamin Moore: #390). It also happens to match the chartreuse linen drapes hanging in our bedroom, so it's not completely "out of the blue." (Come on. I HAD to make that joke. I HAD TO!) Jokes aside, you get a nice layering of color-- the walls framing the drapes hanging in the distance-- it all looks very cheery and distinctly NOT blue.

Of course, this has now inspired me to tackle the next "problem area"... Our bedroom. I'm thinking I'm going to zip over to IKEA with Jules post-nap to pick up one of their tried-and-true jute rugs to replace the oriental rug in our bedroom, and then that rug can head upstate where I've got just the place for it! 

One thing always leads to another... 

I'll post our "after" photos tomorrow morning, so you can experience the glorious sun coming through our bedroom windows, and in the interim, I've got to persuade John that we should spend our Sunday afternoon-evening trolling through IKEA. Never an easy case to make... 

*My parents have taken Jules to a zanny dinosaur exhibit in the city!! Freedom!!

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  1. I have a lot of blue in my home too . . . but have also adding yellow. My living-room is yellow with an accent wall of blue and my hallway (very small) is yellow. It certainly does brighten things up. When we bought our home it looked like a cave of dark brown seventy wall paneling. Painting the paneling bought it back to a cute collage look. I love my yellow and hope that you will enjoy yours for many years to come .
    Have fun painting and adding accessories :)
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)