Monday, February 9, 2015

Ta-da! Golden Delicious Hallway!

Alright. So we painted like the wind yesterday morning-- trying to get everything finished before Jules returned home from his "Dinosaur Extravaganza" adventure-- and managed to burn it out with plenty of time to spare. And so, because I'm a firm believer in never sitting down, ever-- we also touched up the paint throughout the apartment. Okay, maybe I'm not quite as nutty as all that, but every once in a while, I get started painting and the momentum carries me through the entire house-- cleaning up smudge marks and dings-- until the whole joint is bright and shining. This is also a good reason to keep touch-up paint on hand, in case you get the itch to paint your entire apartment on a Sunday.
John loves it when that happens. 

Remarkably, that was only Sunday morning, so after Julian's nap (it's possible we snoozed too...) we all got gussied up and headed over to our local IKEA to pick up that jute rug I mentioned yesterday.                                                           SIDE NOTE: We had a RECORD-BREAKING trip to IKEA. If only someone had been timing us! Not kidding, it took us longer to park than it did for us to whip in there, grab my jute rug, pick up a life-sized stuffed dog for Julian and zoom through the "3 Items or Less" line. In and out in under 15 minutes. We didn't even have to wait in the crazy line for the elevator. I am ONLY going to IKEA on Sunday evenings from now. And am only buying three items or less. DONE. MANIFESTO WRITTEN. End of discussion. 
Anyway... About that rug: I'm pretty sure this particular jute rug is essentially the best bargain ever. It's big-- 6'7" X 9'10"-- and at $129.00, I'd say that's a heck of a steal. It also has the look of something far fancier than IKEA-- if you keep your eyes peeled, you'll see similar jute rugs in Elle Decor and House Beautiful all the time. 

However, those guys are paying about 10 times my IKEA price tag, so I'm feeling rather smug right about now. 


  1. Your hallway turned out wonderful. I love that door and the window above it. It gives your walls and ceiling a grand look. How tall are they? Ours are nine-feet, but yours look taller :) It just looks very warm and inviting . . . so pretty.
    Connie :)

  2. Hi Connie! Thanks for your love-- we're pretty pleased with everything too... Our ceilings ARE high, 10'6" in the hallway and 11'6" in the kitchen, living room, and dining room because the ceilings aren't dropped in those rooms. We LOVE the high ceilings-- they give our tiny apartment a sense of grandeur that's often missing in New York City living.

    Thanks again for writing and all the best!