Friday, March 6, 2015

Hard Core Thrifting Successes/ OMG Stamford Connecticut

I have secretly been buying and hoarding tons of incredible thrift finds recently. They're pretty much all for the country, so I haven't had an opportunity to place them yet, but after my recent trip up to Stamford, Connecticut yesterday, I just can't contain myself anymore.


Now if you know Stamford Connecticut, you know it isn't usually synonymous with "bargain shopping." The area is a totally bizarre experience-- basically a cluster of incredibly high-end, beautifully curated antique stores set in the center of an otherwise rather blue-collar, sort of rough looking city. Seemingly populated by people who probably aren't shopping for $8,000.00 love-seats. And make no mistake. I'm not in the market for an $8,000.00 love-seat either. I was there shopping for clients-- and looking exclusively in the < $3,000.00 love-seat department...

 But once I was finished, I pulled a "Christina" and googled "Thrift Store Stamford Connecticut" and toodled off to a nearby thrift store (name withheld!) where I found a veritable bounty of incredible goodies, priced well within my tax-bracket. I literally had to put some stuff back because I was so over-extended at this thrift store...

I picked up a set of fantastic framed & matted vintage culinary prints which appear to have come from an old cookbook called Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management (six for $50.00!) Considering the website I found is selling these prints framed for $145.00 EACH, I'm feeling pretty pleased with my investment! You've really got to see these prints to fully appreciate them. Mrs. Beeton had some pretty eclectic ideas about what qualified as a salad, I can tell you what! (Note: If you really love these prints, someone on Etsy is also selling a similar-but-not-the-same reprint you can print yourself for like $3.00 a pop. That seems like a heck of a deal too, if you don't feel strongly about provenance...)

Anyway... Moving along! I also found a fabulous italian tole wall sculpture for $5.00, an sweet little antique adirondack-style gate-leg shelf for another $5.00, and most importantly, a set of carved wooden bowls (for my babysitter's birthday present!)... The list goes on and on!

Such a victory!! 

But-- my confession continues further... Earlier this week I had a major win at a yard sale in East Hampton (Again, another place not known for its discount shopping...) but I picked up this ENORMOUS brass lantern (Apparently it's a submarine lantern and it's EXPLOSION PROOF. I have not tested this, but I trust the guy who told me...) I bought that for a mere $15.00. I'm pretty sure the brass alone is worth more than that. It's so heavy it could probably sink a smaller ship.

And then last but not least! I also discovered this spectacular hard-to-find-vintage store called Adaptations in Greenpoint, while exploring the furniture and design scene in Brooklyn earlier this week. I picked up a couple of gems for clients, but the real victories: The decorative brass tray, pink depression glass cake stand, and the gigantic primitive wood bowl that I discovered for another $45.00 total. By gum. What a week.

Albeit, I'm about $120.00 lighter than I was last week, but I'm now RICH IN ACCESSORIES! 

Don't try to tie me down, Budget! I will resist!

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