Wednesday, March 18, 2015

OMG. New to me.

So late last week, I got an email. "------- has a large antique dresser they want to get rid of. Any interest?" Screeeecccchhhh...

Have you met me? 

Any interest?!?!? I would sooner leave one of my limbs in the trash than let an antique dresser make its way onto the sidewalk. There's got to be somewhere good that can go! (This mentality is also what is paving the way to my eventual "hoarder-status", but we'll ignore that for the moment...)

Long story short, I picked up the dresser in a heartbeat, and just got it situated in our guest room upstate.

It's utterly charming, and works perfectly with the existing antique bed frame in there, as well as with the adirondack-style shelf I hung up last weekend (an incredible $5.00 find from my thrifting adventures in Connecticut...) This room is really coming together! Now I just need to finish painting the walls and we're in business. (Not sure if you can tell, but that's actually just a primer coat on the wood paneling. We got that far, and then some other construction emergency reared its head, and I just left it as-is.)

Quelle horreur! 

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