Monday, March 16, 2015

Really. Can one obsess too much about their table top surfaces?

Also known as: Have you ever seen a folk-art-plate-warmer? Neither had I. Until a few weeks ago, when I came upon this magnificent specimen. It's, like, the perfect interior design accent object. It adds a beautiful form (I swear this was the inspiration for the original sputnik), a lovely material (a rich deep wood), and it's visually transparent without adding more glass to a room...

It's, like, perfect. 

So even though I'd spent a fair amount of time obsessively moving my living room around this weekend, this morning I had a REV-E-LATION, and realized it just wasn't working on our coffee table. But I also knew where it needed to go! On the ever changing Freeman's console table, along side the orchids and ivy in our living room...


Unbelievably-- after all that moving and shifting, adjusting and tweaking-- I only got this one half-way decent photograph of my antique plate-warmer in its new location... I promise I'll get a better photo ASAP. What a lame-o....


  1. Interesting. I have become a regular reader of your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sridhar-- So glad you're enjoying reading about our adventures in home improvement! We're tackling some more big projects this Spring, so keep tuning in!