Sunday, April 19, 2015

What I was supposed to do, and what I did instead...

Okay. Now here's a real confession: 

On Friday morning, I wrote a lengthy blog post all about our plans for the weekend. We were heading upstate to work on our house-- lofty dreams of beadboard wall paneling and spray painting a vintage light fixture for my little downstairs bathroom in my immediate future. (Hang on. Let me get sidetracked for a quick second and tell you about this light fixture. I won it, and like, a zillion other funny vintage ceiling fixtures, tiny brass lamps, and odds-and-ends in an auction for $5.00! It's going to be perfect for our bathroom. Eventually. What I'm going to do with all the other lamp parts remains to be seen...)

Anyway... that's what I was supposed to be doing this weekend. But I didn't. Nope. Didn't paint that light fixture. Didn't panel the attic. Didn't do zip. Bub-cus. You know what I did do?? I hung out. Yep. I'm human. I confess.

Full disclosure: In addition to a genuine zeal for home improvement-- both urban and rural-- a busy interior design company, and an ever-growing enthusiasm for cooking weird food I've never made before--- I also like to nap, eat brunch, hang out with my family, and go to the park. Yep. The jig is up. The horror. The shame.


I hope you'll all forgive me.

So the conclusion of this post is this... You'll have to wait until later in the week for me to get something accomplished. Because it's been a lovely, lazy weekend in Brooklyn; and I've got nothing but a full belly and a little bit of a suntan to show for it.

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