Friday, May 1, 2015

From Great To Gorgeous!

Things were already looking seriously improved outside, but they've just been elevated from awesome to exceptional. If you remember from last week, my parents spray painted all of our front porch furniture, and my mom recovered the extremely sad looking sofa cushions (using with a Home Depot drop cloth), but then!

Just when you thought things couldn't look any more spruce out there-- my upholsterer in the city showed up at my office with a fantastic bolt of excess fabric-- major leftovers from some other fancy project that no one else had claimed.

And of course, he'd come to the right place to see it put to good use! : ) 

Not only did I have just the place to use the material, but I also had a perfect, coarse kilim-y striped fabric that worked perfectly with it. So my incredible mother set about making pillow covers for a zillion pillows, and my outdoor furniture looks pretty much off the hook now. And of course, because I'm a lazy bum, I seized the opportunity to have a coffee out there, almost the second I got upstate. And let me tell you, it's pretty darn nice.

Here comes summer!

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