Monday, May 4, 2015

Front porch getting hooped out upstate!

Things continue to liven up out on the porch upstate and I couldn't be more chuffed with myself. Keep in mind that one of the great charms of our farm house is our wrap-around porch, but oddly, I've just never gotten around to doing it justice. Honestly-- it's always been "I've got this- stick it there". "I've got one of those-- maybe on the porch?" There was never a plan, and certainly never a design. 

But all of a sudden, things have really been elevated from slap-dash to down-right stylish, and even more remarkable-- functional!

We moved the cabinet from the living room (previously the home of our television) out onto the porch, filled it with the various knick-knacks a porch is prone to having (citronella candles, garden shears, watering can, three sets of wellington boots, cast-iron boston terrier... You know, the standard stuff...) which has also decluttered the big wooden box where we store all of our outdoor cushions, which means now all of the outdoor cushions will actually fit into the big wooden box, and our wellington boots won't be misshapen when we pull them out! As my dad said,

"It was an inspired idea." 

And I'm beyond pleased with the results! Looks good, works well, photographs delightfully. That's the interior design trifecta.

                Yes, please!

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