Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Glidden Paint: Take pity on us!

More great news barreling down the track! I just found out that I won the Glidden Weekend Project Challenge (hosted by the lovely Stefanie over at Brooklyn Limestone) and I'm the eager recipient of a $100.00 gift certificate and a free gallon of Glidden Paint! Presumably Stefanie and the folks at Glidden saw our vast attic paneling project and figured we needed all of the help we could get! Particularly because it's going to take ONE MILLION gallons of paint to cover all of that paneling...

I'm thinking maybe I'll put the $100.00 gift certificate toward a fancy-pants paint sprayer, or I'll be up in the attic painting until Jules leaves for college. It should be noted that John has mentioned the word "divorce" a couple of times when discussing painting up there, so there are a few compelling reasons a paint sprayer is the way to go...

And maybe I can get it just in time for Father's Day... ; )

Two birds with one stone, yo! 

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