Monday, May 11, 2015

Houzz Shout Out!

A fun little tid-bit to toot my horn about... I was interviewed by the folks over at Houzz as a "Farmhouse Style" expert, and the segment just went up on their Houzz shopping site.

Apparently I said,

"Country style and farmhouse style are not actually the same. “When I think of country style, I think of ruffled gingham curtains and lots of rooster or cow prints,” says interior designer Christina Salway of ElevenTwoEleven Design. “Farmhouse style is a little more breezy and refined than that.”

“For me the quintessential farmhouse includes a collection of architectural details,” says interior designer Christina Salway of ElevenTwoEleven Design, who just renovated her own Catskills, New York, farmhouse. Barn-style lights are one of her farmhouse essentials.

What fun!! I couldn't agree with me more!

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