Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I'm pretty much insufferable!

Hey guys. I know it's getting a little old because I haven't posted many projects recently, AND I've been spending a lot of time bragging, but I have one more star to pin on my uniform and then I'll give it a rest and get back to building my house. 

I was just quoted on the Country Living website in a Zillow "Outdoor Trend Report" and I'm just as pleased as punch.

"Low-maintenance, native plants will be highly popular this summer, especially given the water shortages on the west coast," says Zillow Digs designer Christina Salway of Eleven Two Eleven Design.

If you know what's good for ya, swing by Country Living and tweet/share/love the article, and maybe the people at Country Living will realize all of the genius they're missing out on over here...

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