Sunday, May 24, 2015

Triple Good News!

1st Good News: 

We finally hunkered down and got some work done on the attic paneling project this weekend. Finally. I know. My work ethic leaves much to be desired. Check back in tomorrow and I'll post some progress photos so you can see, with your own eyes, that we really are working up there. I know it's slow going, but you WOULDN'T BELIEVE how much paneling we need to install. It's just astounding. 
2nd Good News: 

Three Day Weekends are the best thing ever. I'm completely jubilant that it's Memorial Day weekend and we're getting to bask in this beautiful weather for three straight days. Swoon. We've been barbecuing and I hope you have been too. Even the dog has been relaxing this weekend. 

3rd Good News: 

It's also our anniversary this weekend (6 years married! 12 years together! We're getting old!), which has added another layer of awesome to the three-day weekend element. I've got to say-- this has been a high point of anniversaries for me. I think the 6-year-anniversary doesn't get enough credit. 

I'm not sure if that says something concerning about the state of affairs over here, but there's pretty much nothing I enjoy more than some D-I-Y-ing layered with some time for yard saleing, napping, cooking, watching my kid wrestle with another kid, and still being able to squeeze in seeing Mad Max in a junky cinema in rural Pennsylvania. If you were going to whittle it down, that's pretty much the perfect weekend for me. I love mixing a whole lot of leisure with just enough productivity that I feel like I got something done. 

All in all, a total win. Check back soon and I promise that I'll post some photos of this weekend's projects to reassure you that this really is a home design blog and not just my online diary. 

I promise. 

Happy Memorial Day, everyone. 

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