Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Oops! Promised: Delivered.


Yikes! I promised to post photos of the attic yesterday and totally forgot-- however I've got a good excuse: I was working my tail off, and then I was whipping up something called a Low Country Shrimp Boil. First, let's look at where things stand in the attic and then we can talk about how to make a shrimp boil (and of course, what I changed in this recipe...)

The photo above is deceiving. At first glance, it looks like we're finished up in the attic, but then upon closer examination, you realize it's like that Batman character two-face. One half paneling, one half spray foam. Nargh! Still not finished, but getting crazy close. We're headed up again this weekend and hopefully this will be the final push. Then we just have to trim the whole thing out (to hide our cutting mistakes and soften the corners) and then-- the exciting part! Rent a paint sprayer! I'm pretty darn excited about the prospect of renting a paint sprayer, and have grand ambitions to spray paint the whole house, top to bottom. I guess we'll see how we do for time...

Okay, now on to the shrimp boil... We made this last night for a big group and it was totally awesome. Easy as pie and delicious. Partnered up with a heaping bowl of potato salad, some chilled green beans with a shallot dressing/soft boiled egg and a whole lot of rose.

Dang. We were in business! 

I think this is going to be my go-to all summer long. There's pretty much nothing bad for you in it, so you can gobble it up and still fit into a swim suit, which I consider a plus. Here's what we did: 2 pounds of extra-large shrimp-- (skipped the crab because I'm not made of money), did chicken sausage in lieu of kielbasa (because I like it better), and corn, which I cut in half to make it easier to serve. I skipped the potatoes altogether because I'd made the potato salad-- and then served it with a hearty sprinkling of Old Bay on the table. It was just completely great. 

Fresh summer fruit for dessert and we were just happy as clams. Make this now! 

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