Thursday, June 25, 2015

Because nothing is simple... Alternate title: I'm not dead.


As if it wasn't enough that we're hacking away at the endless list of projects upstate (I know, I know- it's a long list still: Finish paneling the attic-- almost there! Paint the attic! Hang the stairwell wallpaper! Garden! Garden! Garden!) I just had to move my Brooklyn office. Oy-gavolt. I don't know exactly what oy-gavolt means, but my impression is it's Yiddish for "Are you kidding me? This too?!?"  And yeah- that's how I've been feeling... However, we've turned a major corner with that project and I just spent my first proper work day enjoying my new office! 


You might think moving offices is no biggie-- unplug the printer... Roll the office chair into the elevator... But OH NO. My old office was five floors up-- no elevator-- and what I had up there were two enormous IKEA wall units, housing all of my fabric samples (1,000,000. Very light.) and all of my tile and stone samples (1,000,000. So f-ing heavy.) Not to disregard that actual weight and size of the IKEA units themselves. Which was truly unfathomable. Like when you try to move a boulder. This sensation actually continues to amuse me, if I was going to be honest. There's something so surprising about encountering a thing you can't even rock. Like-- you can make a at rock back and forth. You can push a tree. But if you try to push a building or these bookcases, they just stare back at you blankly. They didn't even notice. 

So yeah. That was a pleasure... 

But now it's all behind us and it's really so lovely. Great light, great space. Basically it looks exactly like my other office, but with recessed lights instead of that awesome Sputnik fixture I had in the old space... 


So with that debacle behind us, it's time to focus my energy back upstate and really burn through the rest of that list. Because God knows-- the attic's not gonna paint it itself.  

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