Thursday, July 16, 2015

My next project??

You know how most Americans love the endless pasta bowl at Olive Garden? That's how I feel about our bottomless list of home improvements: A little bit gross, but mostly excited. So you can only imagine how pleased I was to discover my next project while wandering around the New York Times Real Estate section this evening!

I'm utterly enamored with that platter rack, and god knows, I've got plenty-a-platters to rack. It will also give me an opportunity to say something just as irritating as the woman interviewed... And I quote: "I had a rack made to store my mismatched platters. I entertain so much, it's just easier to keep them out." (Though in my case, it will sound more like, "John and I cobbled together this weird looking platter rack because I've got so many weird looking platters, I didn't know where to put them...") Either way.

Wouldn't it look just perfect up at the farm?! 

Now the only thing to decide: should we build it in the kitchen or in the pantry????

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