Saturday, July 18, 2015

What does your $150 antique table look like?

Because, hot damn, this is what mine looks like and it's just preposterously beautiful.

Are you like, "Wait. What new coffee table? Where did that come from??" This all started because I found this beautiful antique rug at an estate sale last weekend. And once it was laying in our living room (following three days of airing out in the sun and a severe Capture cleaning), I was like, "Well. That's gorgeous. And man, am I just so over our coffee table." Probably for the same reason I was over my old blog format-- I just think that whole reclaimed wood furniture thing has been so utterly overdone and yet- there I was- surrounded by it! On my blog and in my living room.

So obviously I casually said, "Maybe I'll just peruse Craig's List,  just in case some obvious gem jumps out as me..." And of course, two and a half seconds later, I found this glorious "Antique Irish Pine Table" listed for $150.00. It's a honker-- 36" X 48" -- which made me a bit nervous, but now that it's there----- be still my beating heart, it's perfect. It's exquisitely exquisite. It's just what we were missing all along! 

Craig's List has smiled upon me once again. What a stroke of luck! 

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