Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pretty much perfect.

There are still a million things to do, to fix, to paint, to change, to reupholster, to wallpaper, to move... A porch to build. A bathroom floor to tile. A platter rack to construct. An attic floor to paint. Barns to knock down. Barns to build. A pool to dig. A garden to plant. Deers to fend off. There are plenty of dreams left undone up at the farm, make no mistake. But one thing is already pretty much perfect:

Yep. I'm now the proud owner of this vintage (working!) cow thermometer. I picked it up for like, a dollar, along with the antique rug at that estate sale I hit the last time I was upstate, and as we speak, it's sittin' pretty on our front porch (covering the GFI electrical outlet, no less!) telling me it's hot as balls in New York State. But even as the bearer of bad news, I love it anyway, and I'm hoping you do too. 

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