Monday, July 20, 2015

So close, you can smell it.

I mean, I wouldn't, but if you wanted to-- you could.

Our attic is so close to being finished, I just can't wait to get back upstate and make those final tweaks. But considering the crazy deadlines we've been working with, things are looking pretty freaking phenomenal up there, and my parents deserve a considerable amount of the cred. Once it was finally paneled and painted, they reassembled the furniture, made the 1,000,000 beds, and did some serious tidying up for our next renters.

Of course there's still some obsessive tweaking I'll have to do before Country Living arrives for the photo-shoot next week:

  • I'm debating whether to spray all of the bed frames white, yellow, or maybe sagey-green. Could be cute. Could be too cute.
  • I have a major need for new lamp shades up there! I refuse to have farm-loving Americans see my current lamp shade situation captured forever in the pages of Country Living. 
  • I've got to move my incredible vintage globe collection to a more prominent location (you didn't even know that existed, did you???)
  • ...and then somehow I still have to find time to hang up the ka-jillion landscape paint-by-numbers paintings that my mom has been collecting at my behest.

But all things considered, that room is dang close to finished. 

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