Sunday, August 23, 2015

Build-It-Green Makes the News!

I've long been a major fan of Build-It-Green (BIG-NYC) in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn. I've been singing their praises since we first bought the farmhouse-- we bought some of our most room-altering pieces there: Our kitchen cabinets (originally in a country home in Westchester...) for $400.00, our huge dining room light fixture for something like $60.00... And since then I've picked up all sorts of other gems there-- sconces for a guest room, a vanity sconce for the master bathroom...

It's a renovator-on-a-budget dream come true, so naturally, I'm an enthusiast-- and was thrilled to see them in the New York Times this morning! Swing by and check out the article to see what you've been missing...

Though I do have one question: Why isn't MY KITCHEN featured in this article???

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