Thursday, August 20, 2015

Like trying to photograph the inside of my eyelids...

For real. Trying to photograph Julian's bedroom in Brooklyn is like trying to photograph shooting stars. Or unicorns. Or the inside of my eyelids. Can't f-ing be done, I tell you.

But at least you can give me credit for trying, and then for making "lemons out of lemonade" by photographing his toy-addled bookshelves as well. Though, I confess, taking these photos of his room as it transitions from "nursery" to "big-boy room" made me feel so proud of his life so far. 

He's got a starfish from his vacation to Long Beach Island on one shelf, snail shells collected in Burgundy in a jar... Handmade puppets from his Nana in one corner, and a Parisian lunchbox in another. Two sets of pop-out animals- one from a gallery in Los Angeles and a more colorful child-friendly set from our best friends in France... 

For a three-year old, he's already had so many extraordinary adventures. He's traveled so many places, met so many people, and slept in SO MANY bathrooms and walk-in closets. (All of these things are bound to be a subject of interest when he eventually goes into therapy...) 

But seriously... As much as I want to micro-manage his bedroom and perfectly style his shelves, there's also something so lovely about seeing all of the funny things he's collected as he's journeyed through the world so far. That seems far more important than a good photo. (Though I'll be the first to admit, this is a uniquely lousy set of pix!)

C'est la vie! 

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