Sunday, August 9, 2015

Major cuteness. Now we wait.

Alas, whale sheets were not meant to be... So then I went onto One King's Lane, and Lo! I hit the bed linen jackpot. (Please forgive the photos of the duvet sets though... Sadly, I think the folks at OKL need to spend a little more time working on their styling skills...)
We ended up with two twin-sized duvet sets (with sham) each for less than $40.00; a cute set of orange sheets with little fish on them from Bed, Bath, & Beyond, and because I'm a sucker, a set of sheets with orange dinosaurs on them. Because this growing boy loves himself a dinosaur, I'll tell you what!

And because it's almost his birthday, I sprang for this completely ridiculous stegosaurus pillow, because let's be serious. I couldn't possibly not buy it. 

Now we just have to be patient until everything trickles in, and I'll post his bedroom make-over photos... Can't wait! But you'll have to.