Thursday, December 3, 2015

Not much more to show just yet...

First, let me mention again how freaking difficult it is to take photographs of the bathroom. Even now that my bathroom is like the size of... I don't know. A wealthier person's bathroom. It is still astoundingly difficult to get a half-way decent angle without climbing out the window. (Which I wasn't willing to do.)

So you're going to have to accept these photos for what they are.

Further more, I'm waiting on a delivery of new towels and a bath mat to really seal the deal. I decided to take the plunge and bought us some new towels during Macy's Black Friday Sale, and now my only regret is not splurging for the faster delivery, because I'm ready to put these old towels behind us.

A couple of days ago I realized that some of our towels were purchased right after we got married, when we did an apartment swap for our honeymoon. That means those towels are six years old! I mean, I know I'm frugal, but seriously. Six years?! That's a pretty sad affair. 

So I'll probably take one more crack at taking "after" photos once our towels arrive, and then I'll resign myself to in-person visits if you want to get a better sense of our accomplishments. Which are enormous. Like a wealthier person's bathroom.

So swing on by... 

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