Monday, March 28, 2016

We didn't die. But it was by the skin of our teeth.

I know it's been a while. And I know I always say that. But I'm such a crazy perfectionist-- I think I've been having a difficult time showing our new apartment to people while it's still in transition. I keep wanting to hide its "in the midst-ness" until its been tweaked and perfected, like it's some shortcoming that we're not already completely finished making our new space perfect. But I also realize that if I wait until it's finished to show you what we're doing and what we've done, you'll have to wait a really long time, and then that would pretty much be the end of the blog.

So-- I guess I've got to man up and show you all my dirty laundry. We've gotten a tremendous number of things done in the past month, but we've got a huge long list of other things left to do... (Don't tell John. He's got bigger fish to fry.)

So here's where we are so far...

In our bedroom, our main issue is wall color. Originally I was thinking about laying this over-dyed turquoise rug I had leftover from my office, so we painted the walls white, thinking the rug would be more than enough color to go around. But once we actually got settled, I realized I just wasn't feeling the turquoise rug. It was the wrong size for the room, and just felt a little dinky in the space. I found a mega-cheap sisal rug on (like MEGA CHEAP! $100 for an 8 X 10. Oh baby!) I laid it out, loved it immediately, and at just that same bliss-moment, simultaneously regretted painting the room white. So, eventually I'm going to get around to painting the room-- I already know what color-- I just have to find the time. (Benjamin Moore's Healing Aloe... Surprise, surprise...)

The living room is in pretty good shape. I'm not totally sold on that mirror on the far left side--- I think it's a little little, to be honest--- but it's what I've got, so it's a decent place holder for the time being. It's a weird thing about unpacking your shelves after having everything "just so" for the past 12 years. Because obviously, they weren't "just so" twelve years ago. It took twelve years to acquire all those odds and ends. Twelve years to position each knick-knack and tchotckes, until it had just the right amount of the "layered" look and not too much "junk f-ing everywhere" look. And then I nonchalantly packed everything up, and absentmindedly unpacked everything in our new place... And now it doesn't have the same curated soul it originally had. Which doesn't mean it won't eventually. It just won't two weeks after we've moved in. So everyone, me included, is just going to have to be a little patient. 

The kitchen and dining room look awesome if you look at it from the angle you see below. We finally replaced the counter top for our kitchen island (which is actually a sideboard on casters, believe it or not...) with a chunk of "zodiaq" which I just got on the cheap from my stone fabricator, because it was a remnant. We built this island about five years ago for our old apartment, using a sideboard we had and the desk top of my old drafting table, and while this worked functionally (though not so beautifully) for many years-- I was ready to draw the line. They happened to have a piece of the "zodiaq" stuff that was an awesome match to the counter tops installed in the rest of the kitchen, and I just wasn't willing to move that cruddy drafting table desk top to a new apartment. It was too jacked up and jankity, and by god, people! We're adults. It was time we had a counter top that was actually intended as a counter top.

Our project this week (in addition to working, keeping the dog and Julian alive, and being nice to each other) is the rest of the kitchen. Basically the whole thing is set up for a comedy skit. The stove and one drawer are on one side of the refrigerator; and then the sink and another drawer are on the other side of the fridge. And the fridge sticks out awkwardly between the two sides, so while you're cooking, it's like "First I'm over here" duhn-nuh-nuh-nuh "Now I've over here!" duhn-nuh-nuh-nuh "Back to the other side..." duhn-nuh-nuh-nuh... So we've come up with a pretty straight forward remedy for that set up, which we're going to test out tomorrow, I guess. So you'll have to check back in a day or two to see how that's progressing. 

But yeah. The gist is that we're not dead. We've just been really busy, and I'm kind of a (certifiable) stress case. 

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