Monday, April 11, 2011

Renovate Brooklyn! What Is Going On Below That Glorious Chandelier?

There have been some inquiries about the rest of our bathroom, as the previous photos really only highlight the glory that is our new fabulous chandelier. At my request, John attempted the gymnastic-al feat of photographing our (small but tall) New York City bathroom, and hopefully these new pictures will give our viewers a more complete sense of our bathroom.

As shown, there is a half-wall of rather uneventful square greyish-white tiles throughout the bathroom, and the floor tile is equally unexciting. What does make the bathroom great is the ceiling height- about 11'0 up- and the size, which by New York standards is considered to be fairly spacious.

We have a full-sized tub, a sink with vanity, a toilet, and a window, all in one room. I'm sure for most of you that would be a given, but my brother used to brush his teeth in the kitchen sink of his old apartment, and my friend Julia nearly rented an apartment with a shower in a closet next to the bathroom, so you really can't take anything for granted in New York.

When we arrived in this gorgeous apartment (aka. derelict-tenement), the medicine cabinet above the toilet and sink vanity were both of the mediocre-peeling-Home-Depot variety, but with a hefty dose of shellac primer and a coat of my go-to white paint, the ever-trustworthy Benjamin Moore's "Decorator's White", things are a bit more spruced up now. I found the vintage mirrored medicine cabinet (that is above the sink) on the street and swapped it in for the stock-ugly cabinet that was previously installed.

We also replaced the mismatched red towel bars and brassy sink faucet with all chrome accents to make things look a little more pulled together and purposeful. When we eventually buy the place (still slowly moving forward at a record-setting snail's pace!) we will hopefully be able to pull out the sub-par tile work and slowly decaying cabinetry, and replace all of it with something a bit more inspired, but in the meantime we're working with what we've got!

Although it is hard to tell, the wall color is Benjamin Moore's "Healing Aloe", which is the very faintest of blue-greens, and quite possibly one of my favorite paint colors. The towels were a victorious purchase from TJ Maxx-- Calvin Klein's Lush Towels in Celestine. I think I paid about $4.00 per towel, am thrilled with the color match, and even more thrilled with the price.

                                  Hazzahh bargain shopping! 
                Hazzahh making your rental apartment bathroom 
                              look a little bit like your own! 


  1. Wow, I'm so over the moon for this amazing bathroom. Thanks for sharing your awesome creativity!

    Warmly, Michelle

  2. I've put together a round up of great bathroom projects on Craft Gossip today and included your post. :) You can see it here

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  3. Haha I have a bathroom just this size only the sink and toilet are swapped and the door is next to the sink... so this is so something i can do! thanks for the inspiration!

  4. big Thumbs up! i love the mirrors on the wall and the chand is a great touch!:)

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