Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Renovate Brooklyn! Day Thirty-Two: Holy Buckets of Beauty!

 As promised, John installed the bathroom chandelier this evening, and it is truly a thing of unspeakable beauty. I mean, literally, unspeakable beauty. When I walked into the bathroom, I actually gave out a little gasp. If you don't remember, I had originally wanted to hang one of these, but after a short, but firm "no" from the likes of John, that plan was revised into the spray-painting and re-using of a chandelier we already had. Check out a little before and after...

It continues to amaze me about home design-- you have no real understanding of just how much something is missing until it is finally there, and then it is like the room was missing its front teeth until that moment. Like you've just turned on the lights! 

Another Victory For The Home Team 
VS. The Woeful NYC Apartment! 


  1. Hi! So glad you stopped by today and "introduced" yourself, I'm loving your blog! I also wanted to give you the source for the rug in my foyer:
    It is Thomas Paul "Parasols" and I got it at Burke Decor. Here's the link:

  2. Hi Carrie!

    Thanks for sending me the link- such a snazzy rug! I'll go take a look.

  3. I totally agree about you never no something is missing till its there I always walk past something and think that's not right and finally it clicks!

    Following you!

  4. I love all the mirrors. Fabulous idea!

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