Friday, August 5, 2011

Renovate Broadway! Better late than never...

If you remember rightly, my office started out looking a little-- ummm---

Bleak? Tiny? Green? 
Full of someone else's junk? 

(click link to see a more detailed blog about the horrors of my office when I first found it...)

A couple of coats of Benjamin Moore's Decorator's White later (preceded by a whole lot of primer) the room is now a bright and sparkling version of its self, with nary a sign of its former life as a tenement dumping ground...

After John helped me set up my furniture, Mummy whisked in to get me all organized and ship-shape. And ship-shape I am! (Granted, no amount of white paint can change where the walls are placed-- it really is a scant 50 square feet in size-- but what it lacks in space it makes up for as a pinacle of organization and pizzazz. A place for everything, and everything in its place. Just like a boat!

Ay-Ay Captain Mummy!


-Brand new (to me) gigantic bulletin board (96" X 54") that will inspire a tsunami of creativity and productivity!
-Ceiling fan so we won't get too hot during our giant waves of creativity!
-A new frosted glass french door has replaced the 2,000 coats of lead paint warped door original to the office (and best yet-- the french door was a street find-- FREE!) 
-Unfathomably inexpensive office furniture that looks like it was just transported from a sleek 1960's office in Chicago...

-My desk was purchased at an auction upstate for $35.00

-The teak bookcases were bought at a yard sale down the street from the auction house ($25.00 for the pair!)

-The savvy teak-looking desk lamps were purchased for $5.00 at another yard sale

-The tall glass and wood cabinet was picked up on Craig's List for $40.00 in Brooklyn Heights a few years ago.

-The chair was free because I stole it from Julia (Shhhh.... she doesn't know yet!)

Does someone have a calculator? Wait-- that's so cheap, I don't even need one!

For a grand total of $105.00, I have managed to completely furnish my new office. And it really looks like an office! And works like an office too.

As a favorite client of mine likes to say, "Very Nice." 

Check back for my next posting when we will take a look at The Grand Dining Room in our apartment. It's quite a sight! (And I promise my next entry will be a little more punctual than this one... I'm the worst.

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