Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I was just scrolling through old blog entires and I bumped into this to-do list, which I posted in February, 2011. I started reading it, thinking it would be so satisfying to see how much we'd accomplished in the last ten months, but there is really so much left to do! It is striking how optimistic I was when I posted this last February. "For the next few weeks & months" I said. Ha! Little did I know there was still so much home renovation in my future! I was so young, so na├»ve, back in February of 2011. How much I've aged since then. : ) 

Still on the list for the next few weeks/months:
-Pull down the drop ceilings in the kitchen, guest room, and our bedroom. OH GOD. 
-Repair the existing ceilings in the kitchen, guest room, and our bedroom. Also OH GOD. 
-Salvage the ceiling medallion currently dangling precariously above our bedroom drop ceiling and install it in the living room above my giant lamp-shade light. 
-Repair walls once the drop ceilings are removed. 
-Install portrait moldings in the kitchen, guest bedroom, and our bedroom. 
-Paint guest room.
-Paint kitchen.
-Install new fan with brighter light in our bedroom and move our existing little ceiling fan into the guest room. 
-Possibly put up a partition in the guest room to create a walk-in closet separate from the sleeping area. 
-Install wood floors. 

Oy. I've got problems. We did pull down the kitchen drop-ceiling, and repaired the tin ceilings above, so we can check that off the list. And we did paint the kitchen, so that can go too. And we didn't need to install a portrait molding in the kitchen because John is such a deft plasterer that we didn't have to hide where the old walls met the new walls. So, check there. We also painted the kitchen cabinets and built a kitchen island, which weren't on the original list, so I guess we get a couple of extra-credit points there... Right???

But everything else? Oy. Definitely still on the list. It seems crazy to suggest that we're going to pull down our bedroom ceiling between now and Christmas ( at least it is if I still want to be married by New Year's) but maybe in between Christmas and New Year I can con John into some more dusty, plastery, un-holy-mess amounts of manual labor, and I can get this baby back on track. 

Nothing says "Happy New Year" like wall-to-wall drop clothes and chunks of plaster dangling from your nose hairs. : ) 

Lots to look forward to in the New Year! 

(I think I just heard John packing his suitcase...) 

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