Saturday, January 21, 2012

Double-y Delicious!

The verdict is in on the recipe we tried last weekend, Mark Bittman's Winter Risotto with Parsnips & Greens, found first in the New York Times. This dish is delicious, and will win you much favor from your dinner guests.

What we have to say is: MMMMmmmm!!!!

A couple of quick notes, because we're nit-picking foodies-- these would be my changes. However, you may have noticed that my name IS NOT Mark Bittman, and I do not have an ever-running article in the New York Times and a jillion published cookbooks, so I'll understand if you're not inclined to implement my changes. : )

1.) I would recommend adding a little minced garlic (maybe 2-3 cloves) after the onions have "sweat" for a few minutes. I happen to love subtly garlicky risotto, so that's Tip #1. This is obviously a taste preference, but hey-- you like me. Give it a shot.

2.) I know I have a slightly thorny (previously mentioned) relationship with the parsnip, but I actually felt like they were a little too sweet. The tip here is to really stick to the recipe exactly. (I got a little overly-enthusiastic and bought maybe 3 more than we needed. Lesson learned.) So Tip #2, don't add too many parsnips.

3.) Make double! Yes-- double-- because then you can take the leftovers, stir in sauteed spinach, and eat it again. This is so good. Something miraculous happens to risotto after it has sat in your refrigerator for a night or two, and it becomes TWICE AS GOOD. It's like it fuses or something, I don't know, and becomes RADICALLY DELICIOUS.

Hopefully, you don't have dinner plans for tomorrow night, 
because this is what you should be cooking! 

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