Sunday, March 11, 2012

Finally-- Phase Five! (Is it five?)

We spent some of yesterday and today doing the finishing touches in the bathroom at Fox Ridge, and things are really looking spruce. I woke up yesterday morning and reassembled our odds and ends, re-hanging the vintage medicine cabinet, and putting the shower curtain back up.

My faux-ancestors are back in their rightful location above the toilet (they aren't my real relatives, just a pair of very serious looking people in snazzy antique frames that I found at a thrift shop) and my TJMaxx bargain beige-y towels are looking pretty darn sharp.

Things are looking so jazzy, in fact, that we decided to splurge and buy $50.00 worth of new hardware at Lowe's.
New towels bars and a new toilet roll holder were purchased to replace the rickity, scratched (cheap!) stuff that was in the house when we got here, and what a treat! What a surprise! This is another perfect example of spending a little bit of money and getting really big results. If I'd realized how different it would look, I would have gladly spent the money three years ago... Oops! (They say hindsight is 20-20 for a reason, right?)

John even started in on the kitchen ceiling, so hopefully by the end of this weekend, we could officially be finished with this project. Fingers crossed, people, because we are SO OVER THIS PROJECT! : ) Good thing we like each other so much and the results are looking so good, or this process might really have pushed us (me!) over the edge.

I think the moral of this renovation story is that having a good partner in crime is as important as having the right tools or the right ideas. Because if you're going to be in it up to your eyeballs, you might as well have good company while you wade through it.

The perils and perks of home improvement! 

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