Thursday, April 5, 2012

Revisiting Last Year's Passover Decorations!

I can't believe it's already been a year since I posted about the little parsley-pot-name-tag decorations that I made with John's aunt Irene last Passover... Since that time is now upon us once more, I thought I'd post the idea again since it was such an easy-to-do hit last season. The original idea came from Better Homes & Gardens, but mysteriously, I haven't been able to locate the piece online, so we're having to make due with the snapshots from last year's seder table... The "How-To" is pretty self-explanatory-- the gist is this: Buy little tiny pots, little tiny parsley plants, and little planter tags... Pot all your tiny parsleys into all of your tiny pots, and then write all of your guests' names onto the planter tags. Stick one tag into each pot, and then use this to create your seating arrangement at the table. 

It's a perfectly festive (and edible) way to keep your ultra-conservative aunt away from your hyper-liberal brother-in-law, all in the name of decorations! Voila!

Specifically What You'll Need: (Assuming you've got 25 guests...)
*25- Little Terra Cotta Pots
*25- Little Parsley Plants (I actually bought 6 biggish plants of parsley and then split them up to keep the cost down, but either way would work)
*25- Little Plastic Planter Tags (which I am writing each guest's name onto...)
*Maybe a little extra soil, but I didn't need any because I bought the bigger plants.
*Patience and a little psychosis. 

This is our end goal... Cute, right? 

This is also an excellent activity to bestow upon the younger members of your dinner party if they're getting antsy, waiting for the matzah ball soup to be served. Plonk them down on a coffee table covered in newspaper and let them go at it. They can even write all of the names on the tags, and then you can team up to figure out the careful nuances of the seating arrangements. If you get them started early enough, you'll have an army of little martha stewarts on your hands for every holiday! 

Happy Holidays Everyone! 

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