Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blind optimism!

In the midst of all of the dust and debris, I've decided to focus my attention on more pleasant matters, and have been working on the design of the city nursery with even more enthusiasm. We've already got the color scheme covered: navy, orange, pale-aqua-grey (a color, I swear), all of which were inspired by our Parisian Forest Scene mobile. Now I'm just figuring out how each color will be manifested. So far I've got navy accents in the rug, navy accents in the polka dot curtains... I'm thinking pale-aqua-grey for the wall color (specifics to be determined) and now for the fun part-- how and where will the orange appear?

First things first, I was on the hunt for a glider fabric. We happen to have this cool white metal bouncy lounge chair, which we formerly used out on the patio in the country. I was sitting in it a couple of weeks ago when I declared, "This is one comfortable chair!" With my save-money-wheels spinning, I asked a couple of seasoned experts (John's mom and dad) to take it for a test-drive, and after receiving their parenting seal of approval, decided this would be a perfect glider/rocker/bouncer/bopper for the city nursery. With a cool cushion, of course. So, now I was hunting for the glider fabric that would make just such a cool cushion.

Lucky for me, it was a brief hunt. After almost no searching, I found this awesome kravet outdoor fabric: Pattern # 31105-12. It's such a fun, playful way to bring orange into the room, works wonderfully with the retro feel of the rocking chair, and is a terrific complement to the orange accents throughout the rest of the apartment. And at $39.50 per yard (the trade price!) the material is going to cost a total of $134.19. It's been sent directly to my lovely mother, who will hopefully begin making another glider cover ASAP, and then we'll really be in business! All very exciting!

Make no mistake. I've found many other fun ways to incorporate the navy, orange, and pale aqua... Check back later this week to see what else is in store for this ever-evolving nursery! 

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