Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Urban Camping 101

John and I wanted to find out if we really are the two most masochistic people on earth, so we decided to move our bedroom furniture into our dining room and living room, cordon off our bedroom and "the room we walk through", and start our next big construction project, transforming "the room we walk through" into a hallway and the new nursery. We thought this would be particularly fun given my 7-plus months pregnant state of affairs. : ) 

Yep-- that's our bed in the dining room down below. Luxury quarters, I assure you... Though it's great fun to whine, to be totally honest, it actually hasn't been that bad. Granted, things are a tad dusty, but nothing unmanageable, and we are actually kind of having fun with the change of scenery... except when we have to get dressed when we have to dig everything out from under the drop cloths. It's our version of urban camping!

Now-- before we go taking all of the credit for the dust and chaos that has consumed our apartment-- I have a MAJOR CONFESSION to make. John and I aren't doing this renovation all by ourselves. In fact, for the first time ever, we aren't doing the majority of the heavy-lifting ourselves. A contractor that I regularly work with, the very talented Fernando, was so horrified by the prospect of "pregnant-me" drilling away at drywall on a ladder, that he generously, incredibly, offered his help and expertise, and now we're well underway, building our lovely little nursery. And thank goodness for Fernando, because he's really transforming this operation from a D-I-Y misadventure to a genuine PRO-LOOKING endeavor. Once the basics are up, I'll post photos and details, but for the time being, picture me sitting on my bed, in my dining room, clicking away on my lap top, pining for the moment when I can start working on the fun stuff-- hanging up polka-dot curtains, rolling out our fabulous Serena & Lily area rug, and of course, one of my favorite milestones in home renovation, obsessing about paint colors! 

So much to look forward to in the coming weeks! 

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