Thursday, June 7, 2012

Orange you glad to see me? In more ways than one.

So-- I've found tons of cute orange things, and just can't wait to incorporate them into this nursery. In fact, there are so many cute orange things available, I'm going to have to severely edit in order to keep things from getting a bit too twee.

Let's start with a definite winner: The Star Egg Nightlight!  Admit it-- that's ridiculously cute. I've got grand plans for this illuminated egg to perch on a little recessed shelf in the nursery, perfect to send the baby off to sleep with. We may not have anything practical on our registry yet, but this bad boy made it right near the top of the list. And yes. My priorities are skewed.

I'm planning to focus on only the cute, charming aspects of babies until this baby arrives and all hell breaks loose. Does this sound like a fool proof plan to anyone else? If not, please feel free to contribute suggestions about "must-have" baby goods, so we can actually put something useful on that registry!

I have actually found a bunch of other, slightly more pragmatic orangey accents as well... fitted sheets, changing pad covers... These serve a more obvious purpose than the illuminated egg, it's true, though without contest, the egg wins in the Charming Competition.

I figure between those odds and ends, and my star-burst orange glider cushions, I'm probably dangerously close to orange-capacity, and can/should probably start focusing my attention on the other colors in our palette, like the "pale-aqua-grey", often referred to online as "Robin's Egg". Certainly a more poetic name, though I feel like mine seems far more accurate. Ah well, Robin's Egg it is...

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