Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Colors! Colors! And more colors!

Moving onto the fun stuff, John and I have started the painting portion of this project! After some hemming and hawing, and putting some seriously bright, dark, and boring samples up on the walls, we narrowed in on Benjamin Moore's Marlboro Blue for the hallway. The inspiration for this color was drawn from the IKAT pattern of my recently recovered Eames lounge chair-- in the hopes that it would fluidly draw the eye from the more subtle blue tones in the living room into the bold blue of the hallway... but I should also give credit where credit is due... John chose this color, so props to John. He's got a keen eye! It should be said that I am a firm believer that small transitional spaces like hallways and bathrooms are the perfect opportunity to "Go Bold", so this seemed like just such a place to choose a slightly darker color.  

Initially I was a little nervous about the decision, but now that it's all up, we're both thrilled with the color, and I'm especially taken with the crisp contrast of the blue against the Benjamin Moore Decorator's White (Semi-Gloss) molding of the baseboards, french doors, and transom window; as well as the Decorator's White (Flat) Ceiling. Looking into our new hallway, you'd never know it used to be the lack-luster "room-we-walked-through" just a few short weeks ago. The addition of the snazzy vintage ceiling lights (found on Craig's List almost a year ago!) add a polished air to the whole affair, and there is rumor that the dreaded IKEA closets we've purchased for the hallway will be assembled and installed tomorrow, thus bringing the construction to a close. HURRAY!

(I promise we'll talk about the IKEA cabinets at a later date-- they're a sore subject and I simply don't have the stamina at the moment. Know this in the meantime: They really were the best solution given our budgetary limitations. And I hated every minute of buying something at IKEA. It goes against my very being...)

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