Sunday, June 10, 2012

Oooo-La-La! Gliding On!

This weekend, the monkey-fabric glider covers that Mummy has been so diligently working on arrived in the post! Of course, I eagerly slipped them onto the denim-blue cushions that the glider originally came with, and whoa! The transformation!

Yow! Zow! Ooo-La-La! 

This was a particularly successful D-I-Y project! Let's review the details:
-Glider purchased for $50.00 at a local yard sale
-Pomegranate Copacabana Monkey fabric for about $62.00 
-Lots of free labor from my loving mother!

So, for $112.00, and not a whole lot of Doing-It-Myself, we have an awesome, completely revitalized glider that fits perfectly into our living room in the country. Now that is some spectacularly budget-friendly home design. And now we're one step closer to being baby-ready up at Fox Ridge... Yee-haw! 

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