Thursday, September 13, 2012

Room & Board Sofa Triumph!

I know I'd promised you all photos of our new Room & Board sofa yesterday, but we had a bumpy day and I just didn't quite get around to it. Our fella Julian has been suffering from what I'm calling "The Gas of Wrath" which made him a force to be reckoned with, but thankfully, that has finally passed (ha!) and we're all looking forward to brighter days ahead. (Fingers crossed!)

Now then... let's take a look at that new sofa!

The end of this story is a good one... As soon as we got our new sofa set up in the apartment, I posted our old mid-century daybed style sofa on Craig's List, and by 10:30 Wednesday morning, someone had picked it up and given me $400.00 for it! So-- less than 24 hours later-- we had exchanged our old, slim-line sofa for an almost new, much more plush & comfy one for a mere $300.00... Not too shabby! 

 Thank goodness Mummy was here or it would have been pretty darn tricky to pull off with Julian in tow!

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