Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cheap & Cheerful Art Day!

Yesterday was a day of art-spiration, and $49.00 later, I have three cool new pieces hanging in our apartment. Now for the grand tour...

A couple of weeks ago, Mummy picked up this terrific ABC wrapping paper ($1.00!) at a local shop in Williamsburg. It's the English-speaking counterpart to the french ABC wrapping paper that I picked up earlier this fall. It seemed only fitting to hang them together, so we can teach Jules both the English and French alphabet when we're walking around the apartment... I used another one of those awesome IKEA "Ribba" frames-- I just can't get enough of those! Only $20.00! Ka-zah!

 Second piece: I picked up these faux parking tickets at the 109 Gallery in Williamsburg. They are a play on genuine NYC parking tickets made by "The Concerned New Yorkers", asking their audience to grade the NYPD on their conduct and policies. They're really very funny if you take a closer look at them, but as a New Yorker, I also felt like there is something pretty hilarious about framing parking tickets in general, since they're such a huge part of our lives here... (Oy.) I tracked down a perfect square frame for these too-- another version of the IKEA "Ribba" frame for only $19.99! WHAT?!?!

Last but not least-- the third piece: John and I stayed in the city this weekend, and while John toiled away in the office, I hit the "Renegade Art Fair" in Williamsburg with a couple of friends. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I bumped into the people from Coral & Tusk, selling their beautiful embroidered cards and textiles there! If you remember rightly, I've already shelled out a small fortune for three of their embroidered fox cards for Jules' bedroom, so to say that I'm a fan is an understatement.

The good news is that they were having a sample sale of their wares, so I was able to get one of their "Fingers Crossed" cards for only $8.00 instead of their usual $24.00 price tag. I popped it into a vintage frame I already had, and voila-- $8.00 later, I had another fun piece to add to the dining room sideboard.

Great all around! Very inspired! Very $49.00! 

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