Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Great Art! Penguins! Cheap!

I found this wonderful "Counting Penguins 6 + 8" screen print on the Tiny Showcase website months ago, and thought it would be a terrific addition to our baby-having-household. However, when I contacted the people at Tiny Showcase, the print was sold-out and back-ordered, so I put aside my shattered dreams, and proceeded to buy an excessive amount of other baby-appropriate art work which most of you have seen by now... (Click here and here to revisit those galleries.)

Well! What do ya know!?! I got an email from the Tiny Showcase people a couple of weeks ago saying that they had a new version of the 6 + 8 print in stock which they thought I might like to see.
Fast forward two weeks, and I am now the proud owner of three 6 + 8 screen prints (a bright red & blue one for myself, and two of the blue & white editions, previously thought to be sold out, which they evidently found under someone's bed or something...)

Fast forward again to this morning, when Emily (my assistant/hero) went to IKEA and bought the perfect black RIBBA frame for my red & blue print.

Such a successful venture! $20.00 for the screen print, and another $15.00 for the frame, and now we've got a fun new child-inspired, but not too childish, piece of art hanging in our dining room. There is something about the chalky-color-saturated quality of this new penguin piece that works particularly nicely with my NYC vs. PARIS prints... Combined with almost identical frames and similar ivory mattes, they almost read like a triptych on the dining room wall.


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