Monday, July 15, 2013

You're never going to believe it...

But everything actually went exactly according to plan with the refrigerator delivery yesterday. The guy showed up (exactly when he said he would!), he brought us the correct fridge (exactly the one we were expecting!), and he took away our old fridge (exactly the way we'd hoped!) He was wonderfully pleasant, totally professional, and I'm planning on buying all of my future discount appliances from him. What a completely enjoyable Craig's List experience. (Okay... thus far. Ask me again in 31 days when my warranty has expired.)

So far, so good! 

We spent the entire weekend admiring our fridge, and even John said on multiple occasions, "This is actually a really nice refrigerator." When it comes to John, that qualifies as a glowing review, so I'm thrilled!

Now we just have to convince one of John's family members (she knows who she is!) to bring down the standing freezer she has in her basement, which we're plotting to install in our basement, and we'll be able to store that 1/4 of a whole freaking cow that a neighbor has promised us.

So far the country is pretty awesome. Once that cow gets here, it's gonna be off the hook. 

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