Sunday, August 18, 2013


After a long delay-- I finally got around to hanging up these terrific bingo cards in Julian's country bedroom. The vintage cards were originally a gift from my mom from almost a year ago, and then after much debate about framing them, they were sent off with my friend Arezki (who is a professional framer). He offered to frame them for me as a gift to Julian-- so I could hardly refuse!

Once I got them back, it took an embarrassingly long time to get them up to the country, and I've just finally found the time/energy to get them hanging. But-- hey, hey-- they're up now, and that's what counts!

A big thanks go out to both my mom for the original gift, and to Arezki, for building Jules such completely beautiful frames. They so vastly exceed the ones I was originally going to buy at IKEA, it's preposterous.

Thank you again guys! It takes a village (to decorate a house!) 

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