Friday, August 16, 2013

Ha! Hosting Guests At The Weekend House...

While sitting in a waiting room last week, I made the mistake of leafing through the latest edition of Allure Magazine (Don't judge me! My options were limited!), and made a bee-line for "How To Host Guests For The Weekend" because I thought they might be able to give me some helpful "how-to"s.


You'd think the "Weekend Home" photographed would have tipped me off that this article wasn't aimed at the Falling-Down-Farm-House-In-The-Catskills contingent. (Though it has made me consider the possibility of eventually installing a pool in the shape of my first initial!)

Tips like: "Prepare The Guest Room: Make sure there are a variety of pillows-- down, synthetic, hard, soft." Yeah-- I think at this point, people are thrilled if they even get a pillow! So far, 75% of our guests have had the honor of sleeping in rooms WITHOUT WALLS, so I wonder what Allure's Susan Spungen would think of that arrangement?!?!

She says "If they have everything they need, they won't have to ask for anything and won't feel like a nuisance." 

While undeniably true, I'm pretty sure that can't currently be applied to our living situation. I also like the "Plan Your Days" section, where I'm encouraged to tell people to "go take a hike" when I don't feel like entertaining them anymore.

Priceless.   : ) 

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